Without a full consultation we can’t give you that answer but we can highlight the goals of each service to help you make a better marketing decision.

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Pay the price for instant results, best for kick-starting and re-marketing.

Pay Per Click, also known as (PPC) is an effective way to generate leads and sales for your business straight away. Its also a very easy way to lose 90% of your marketing budget as many business owners we work with have been doing for years. Ad Words and Facebook ads are the most common platforms for PPC with Ad Words getting targeted traffic straight from Google and Facebook more suited to browsers and opportunistic buyers. They both have there place. Knowing where that place is, is the difference between wasted money and a scale-able return on your investment.

Because of the nature of PPC, you only get results if you spend money consistently. Your not building up any assets for your business but you are generating a return on investment, all going well. We use PPC to get you almost instant results in your business while we work on building your digital estate’s and other assets that bring a better long term return on your investment and allow for faster more affordable growth.

Google Adwords and Facebook PPC
Convert more visitors into buyers and sales


Increase your leads without increasing your marketing budget.

If you have not done any conversion rate optimisation, your missing an incredible number of sales. Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO is exactly what it sounds like. If your website is converting 10% of its visitors into buyers that’s great your making sales. But what if you can optimise your landing page and turn that 10% into 30 or 40%? You know the answer, without sending any extra people to your website you would have just increase your sales by 3 to 4 times. Conversion Rate Optimisation is a must have service that every landing page should get.

CRO is an ongoing service. You cant just build a website or a landing page and your done. Changing the colour of buttons, the placement of paragraphs and pictures as well as the text in titles should be consistently split tested against variations to see which converts to your landings pages goals the best. Its not about making it pretty, its about making it make money.

CRO should always be used and here at Digital Estate, we work it to the bones.


Long term strategy with excellent return on investments. A must in 2016.

Search Engine Optimisation (aka SEO) is the optimisation of digital properties to rank higher in the SERP (search engine results page). In the most part, we are talking about Google. This service is something that every business should be working on as the return on investment is phenomenal.

If you have ever done Adwords PPC then you know how valuable ranking at the top of the search engines really is. Where you may pay between $5 – $25 for every person who visits your website through Adwords, you pay nothing for that visitor through SEO. In addition, with SEO you are in that position all day every day and not “every now and again” until your Adwords budget blows.

Ranking for the right keywords can bring thousands of targeted leads into your business every month. When a business gets to the top three positions on Google for a targeted keyword, that business grows like bamboo.

The thing to note with SEO in 2016 and beyond, is the time it takes to rank. Google wants to give the best results to its users so it takes time to build up trust and authority to the point Google sees you as the best option to show to visitors. For a new website it can take upto 9 months for this, with older more established website its more like 3 – 6 months. None the less, if you’re not doing SEO, you’re not really investing in a long term online marketing strategy for your business.

Generating more leads in your business


A bit of everything wrapped into a way to scale your business fast.

Local Lead Generation gives you the ability to get more traffic from specific locations. This approach is one that will grow your business like wild fire and allow you to target specific products and people in locations that are most profitable for your business. While having your website online is great, its not easy or intelligent to try and market that one property for multiple different locations.

More lines in the water gives you more fish and that is exactly how Digital Estate’s custom lead generation model works. If you truly want to invest in your business and grow to new territories this is the service to do that.

Another aspect to this approach is the ability to take out your competition faster. Business is not about co-operating with your competitors its about beating them and taking the market share for yourself. It is a dog eat dog world and having more assets working for you in more locations targeting more service means you can grow more effectively and more efficiently.

Our local lead generation strategy incorporates the best of everything including PPC, CRO and SEO for a long term, fast acting marketing plan that can be created with assets you own or more affordably by renting assets that we own and manage for you.


Get on a call and get it all without losing any money.


Hesitation Kills. If you know you want to grow your business claim your free strategy session. We will be able to look at your business and quickly come up with a step by step system to take your business where ever you want it to go. We are willing to take your business all the way with a long term strategy that will see your profits increasing and your territories expanding.

If your dedicated to your business then give us a chance to show you we are too.

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Be Aware: I promised you honesty, so here it is. If you want to be a big fish, you need to learn to swim in the ocean.  All big business spend big money on marketing. And because of that, they make big, big money back. I want to make it clear here and now that we do not offer any services for less than $1500/m. I know this may turn you away or make you think twice but the truth is, if you can’t or don’t want to invest at least $1500/m into selling your services knowing that money is going to bring back even more, then I suggest reading some investment books and getting the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Not only does it take money to make money, but it takes our valuable time to look into, develop and effectively grow your business.

If you understand this and have every intention to trust us and do what it takes to win. Claim your free strategy session below and lets look at how much money we can make you.