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How Digital Estate can help your business growth

Want more business growth and cash flow?

Its easy, let me show you one way.

Everybody wants a return on their investment in business. Without it cash flow slows and your ability to invest diminishes, further preventing you from getting the upper hand. This is what happens when owners and directors invest in their business blind hoping for the best without measuring the results.

Digital Estate is all about fixing this problem for business owners by utilising your investment in a way that brings back a higher cash flow to your business. In doing so, your ability to invest increases allowing more growth and prosperity for you and your employees.

Once the ball starts rolling and you witness the growth in your business yourself, investing in your business is easy. With the extra cash flow you gain the ability to reach new territories, release new products and develop your existing services.

There is absolutely no training in universities, or government funded courses that teach what we do here behind the scenes at Digital Estates. To stay ahead of the game and produce the most effective results for clients it takes innovative ideas, ongoing testing and analysis, documenting results, producing content and networking your business to the right people. Once that is all sorted, its onto the never ending optimisation and split testing on your assets along with new traffic generating assets being built.

We love it, and we know you will love the results.

Are you bleeding money?

We can find out and mend the wounds…

Do you spend money on advertising by any chance? If you do, think about this.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) WILL increase your cash flow without the need to spend more money on advertising.

That’s a big claim right? And for something as boring as conversion rate optimisation….Well lets look at an example:

If your like 99% of business and haven’t done any CRO or even started tracking your conversions and where they come from, then your website would be lucky to convert 1 out of 10 people into a sale or lead – what ever your goal is. Great, so your website conversion rate is 10%.
Lets say for this example your lifetime value for a customer is $1000 – To get a gauge, do the math on your own customers lifetime value. That means if you spend $100 getting 10 people on your website you can make back $1000 from the one sale (10%)

Now lets look at the stats of the average website with a little split testing and heat mapping. This lets us see where people are clicking on your website and what changes can be made to guide people into completing the goal of your website.

So now we have done minor CRO clients can more easily make a decision and 2 out of 10 people convert. Great 20% Close rate.
Each customer is still worth $1000 so now your making $2000 from the same 10 people. A 100% increase in cash flow generated from the same number of people, at the same expense. Your online asset is now producing twice as much as before.

With this data you can scale.


If it cost you $20 per visitor to your website, you could expect an investment of $10,000 to produce 500 visitors.
Before any CRO you got 10% of visitors converting so the $10,000 spent on 500 visitors built $50,000 in sales.
After optimising your conversion rate to 20%, your sales would be $100,000 from the same $10,000 investment.

Now obviously these numbers are not 100% accurate to your particular business, but the math is simple.

The results above are just a start. After 6 – 12 – 24 months of optimisation its not uncommon to see conversion rates of 40%+.

Its amazing how fast a business can grow with CRO, but that’s only one of the seven ways we get you a return on investment.

Two packages, one choice.

A business without growth is a business that is losing time and falling behind new and more motivated competition. Getting your foot hold in the digital marketplace is the most cost effective marketing strategy,  aligning you with the direction marketing has been heading for over 15 years. Growth can happen rapidly where ever there is an online market. All you need is someone who can tap into that market and generate sales or leads.

Digital Estate offers two effective services that achieve business growth and improve business cash flow.

Branded Online Marketing

This service will get your website ranked on the front page of Google as quickly as possible. To achieve this takes a mixture of positive signals that can only come from the right combination of factors. We use our in house systems to learn this combination of signals by studying the strongest competition, and come up with averages to aim for.

Once we know what we need, we start plugging the gaps and producing the required signals. This involves content creation, social media marketing, link building, outreach, on-page optimisation and more.

This service is a great way to test the waters and get your first big win for cash flow. Once you see the results, adding the Digital Estate Partnership is the best option and consistently brings in even more of business growth.

Digital Estate Partnership

Do you think as big as us? The Digital Estate Partnership is a one of a kind promotional service where we heavily discount the price and ramp up the production. This service is for big business and companies that have the processes to handle the growth.

You already know how effective a website is, and with the Branded Online Marketing campaigns results skyrocket.
When you join Digital Estate as a partner you get Three* separate, but related websites promoting your business. Each with its own marketing campaign and each optimised consistently with 100% conversion tracking on phone, email and subscriber.

  • Each website promotes your own branded website, giving your business a big boost.
  • Each website gets regular content, paid advertising, full SEO campaigns and CRO with 100% tracking.
  • Each website covers a different topic related to your services to generate leads and traffic from.
  • The monthly cost for this services starts at the same rate as the Branded Online Marketing Campaign.