9.1 Reviewer


  • Speed & Performance are excellent
  • Strong feature set – unlimited email accounts & databases
  • Varied packages and security features
  • Extensive customer support


  • Renewal prices are somewhat pricey
  • Some features are upsell-only (like dedicated IP-addresses)


The hosting company SiteGround focuses on quality – they aren’t the cheapest provider although they offer good intro-prices, there are cheaper competitors. The services they offer are excellent with great security tools and customer service, which makes SiteGround great for small start-ups or businesses.

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Who is SiteGround?

SiteGround was founded in 2004 and now hosts over 500,000 domains. With over 400 people, the company offers various shared, dedicated and cloud hosting plans. In April 2016 they were awarded the ‘Best Affordable Hosting’ Award from HostReview, and they consistently rank in the top 10 of their ranking. The company is based in Bulgaria, and as such places extra care in their customer satisfaction and service, to stay competitive with other services including the ones based in more tech-focussed locations. Their major data centres are in prime locations like London, Amsterdam, Milan, Chicago and Singapore, to allow around the world coverage for all of their services.


  • Fast, Reliable Website Hosting:One of the big pros of SiteGround is its speed, performance and response times. They have five major data centres around the globe that help ensure maximum speed and minimum load times. Their shared hosting plans – which are their most popular service – allocate the available resources very well, and manage to keep performance even.
    For the technically minded, they have a great set of features and security measures in place. Daily backups in addition to manual ones, CPanel access and a very simple backend ensure that their services are easy to use.
  • Unbeatable Customer Service:
    From the time you sign up till you are 100% satisfied with your new website host, Siteground is with you for support every step of the way. With excellent response times and a willingness to make your site migration a simple process, there isn’t anyone who does a better job than siteground support. Support isn’t just quick though, quite frequently they will go ahead and fix the issue for you before coming back with an explanation and a virtual smile.


This company has many positive features including great customer support, a variety of optimised plans for different needs and business sizes, and huge discounts for first-timers. As far as their services go, they feature a simple but developer-friendly backend, and boasts both a 99.99% uptime rating and ample resource allocation for each of their hosted sites.

Some of SiteGround’s more upscale plans feature a free SSL certificate for a year, and regardless of what plan you choose, your site will be protected by custom uptime monitoring software that automatically troubleshoots and fixes 90% of downtime issues. Their security features are generally very impressive featuring anti-spam tools, hotlink protection and IP blacklists.

If that’s your thing, there’s also plenty of documentation, a huge knowledgebase and plenty of tutorials for pretty much every aspect of hosting, setting up or running a website. As part of their strong dedication to customer service, they offer lots of communication for clients and prospective clients, and their support personnel is both readily available and knowledgeable.

Free Live Setup Assistance and Site Transfer

If you are less technically inclined, you may want to use their transfer services – they offer free transfer, a free domain name for a year, and have a site builder as an alternative to WordPress or Joomla – which they also offer.
Their on-boarding prices are excellent and very competitive, with plans starting at 3.95$ per month. They offer a varied set of services so that users can pick and choose what suits their needs best.


We recommend SiteGround’s hosting services based on their extensive security features, great on-boarding prices and dedicated customer support. This company boasts some of the best uptime stats in the hosting world, and their plethora of different offers and plans is sure to have the right option for anyone. In addition to their general plans they even offer special WordPress and Joomla packages at a lower price – or dedicated SSD machines for those with more traffic and higher visitor counts.

There’s definitely cheaper plans out there, but at value for money, customer satisfaction and security, these guys are definitely hard to beat.


What currencies are accepted?

SiteGround accepts four major currencies: USD, EUR, GBP and AUD. Their prices are set and not dependant on varying exchange rates, however they do take into account the worth of the currencies. The StartUp plan costs 3.95USD, 3.95EUR, 2.75GBP and 4.95AUD respectively.

Does SiteGround offer services like WordPress?

Yes – both Joomla and WordPress are available as their own packages. They are smaller than the normal ones and consequently a little cheaper as well. For those who don’t want to use a service like WP or Joomla, there is a dedicated Site Builder.

Do they have Customer Support?

Yes – their customer support tends to get very good reviews and is available 24/7 via various channels including chat, email and phone. Their employees are knowledgeable and friendly, and they definitely place focus on customer satisfaction.