Search Engine Optimisation

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Why Choose Digital Estate for SEO?


Proven On-Page SEO

We work with hundreds of website across a range of different services. Each project gives us data that we record to build a better picture for on-page SEO rules. It’s as simple as finding out what works, what doesn’t. We also analysis and compare the top 10 ranking sites to build the best on-page seo strategy for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google Friendly Techniques

It’s in both our best interest to provide a long lasting, Google friendly marketing campaign. We read all of Google’s guidelines and make sure to follow them as close as possible while still producing positive results in the search engines. For larger campaigns we also use Google Adwords along side our SEO for a modest boost in performance.


Completely Transparent

We are 100% open and honest about our strategy with each of our marketing campaigns. There is nothing hidden, no secret sauce, just high quality link building and Search engine optimisation that brings results. We build and manage your seo campaign the same way we do our own army of websites.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO for NZ Business

New Zealand search engine optimisation requires a strategy that suites our kiwi lifestyle and way of business. The internet has allowed us to access anything anytime. Effective SEO will get you infront of the people in NZ who are looking for your products or services. We can prove this with a free video analysis.

"We Make SEO Simple."


Complete Management

We don't just provide the best seo services in New Zealand, we can also host your website on high quality servers for an instant boost in speed. We offer fully managed website services.

Local SEO

We will make sure your listed and verified in Google Maps, then get to work on pushing your listing towards the top 3 positions where it counts.

National SEO

Our National SEO services are ideal for companies with more than one location, or those who have a target audience that covers a larger area than one city like most eCommerce sites.

SEO Audits

A complete SEO Audit is the first step we take on any campaign. The second step is one full month of on-page search engine optimisation to kick-start your results and remove any obstacles..


When we refer to search engine optimisation we really mean, to manipulate your chances of being seen for your most valued keywords when people look for the services or products your selling. This is done by optimising your site to the highest standard so the Google algorithm chooses your business over others in your area. It comes down to a few key points.

Site Speed: The site needs to be fast. Google doesn’t want to annoy its users with slow loading sites. Fix your hosting with us

On-Page SEO: Is your website setup within Googles guidelines? This process makes sure your not penalised by a silent google penalty.

Off-Page SEO: Other sites linking to your business make a difference in multiple ways. Are they good websites? Do they send traffic? Does it matter?

Search Engine Optimisation has lasting effects on your rankings.

SEO New Zealand

SEO Provides longer lasting results

Guaranteed Results

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Our search engine marketing campaigns are designed to bring results to your business quickly. Within a few days we’ll build a campaign plan for marketing your site online. Starting with the easiest wins, we will start increasing the number of visitors to your website. 

  • We find out your goals and make sure tracking is setup correctly.
  • Then we find the search terms people use to reach your goals.
  • Next we optimise your website for those search terms so your website is ready to rank.
  • Once the On-Page SEO is up to standard we change tactic and focus more towards caring out an effective off-page SEO strategy.


Search Engine Optimisation Tips

  • Your site should answer your customers questions. If a visitor goes from your site to another site looking for the same thing, Google will think your site is no good for that search term.
  • If you have pages with little activity or value it is harming your site. Google has to store all the information it holds. This cost’s money and resources. Google may punish your site with Panda penalties.
  • User experience is as important as back-links and on-page SEO. The user experience indicators let Google know if your site is helpful or not. If your site doesn’t pass the user experience test, its kicked from the top and your traffic will drop.

There are 3 free SEO Tips out of the 100’s we have in our operating procedures. We can’t give away all our SEO secrets for free.

We do SEO for SEO companies

Many SEO companies are really just sales companies that outsource the work. Not us, we do the SEO ourselves as well as providing SEO services for other companies here in NZ and across the Tasman in Australia.

Lasting Results

Have you herd of Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird and Possum? These are just some of the algorithmic updates Google rolled out that affected anyone using dodgy SEO techniques.

Our SEO services stand the test of time, following Google’s guidelines and in some cases, removing old Google Penalties and restoring sites that have been negatively affected.

On-Page Seo Audit

Bringing a website to number one for any given keyword requires perfect on-page SEO. This consists of many technical SEO points to consider from optimised meta data, keyword density, schema markup, site speed, mobile friendliness, content and a whole lot more.

At the start of each campaign we provide a full and thorough audit including a list of changes that should be make moving forward.

Adapt and Improve

We use the data available on your largest competitors against them. With all the SEO tools available to us today we analyse what’s working then build your seo campaign around what we know works.

Cut years of your marketing by replicating what has already been tested, then doing it better!

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