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Why Choose Digital Estates to head your SEO campaigns?

The ONLY way to get positive results in the search engines with any SEO campaign is to do better work than your competition. This includes building better backlinks, referring more traffic from third party websites, producing the right content optimised for the right audience and making sure everything on your site is technically sound & secure. All our campaigns start with a complete analysis of not just your website, but the websites in your industry that are already position 1,2 and 3 for your main keywords. They’re the sites we need to beat, they’re the sites Google likes. By analysing what’s already working, we can come up with a game plan and a timeline to get your website ahead. Working with us, is working with a data first seo company. Because how can you optimise your website for search results if you’re not 100% sure what the search engines want in your industry?.

The “4 Phases” of Our SEO Framework.

Check Out Our Recent SEO Results

Our results speak for themselves. Here are some ranking and traffic reports showing how effective our New Zealand search engine optimisation specialist work can be when you work with us.


New Mattress Company Grows from Startup To Multimillion Dollar Revenue in 2 years.

We started working with this eCommerce company back in 2017 when they were brand new to the market. With 2 years eCommerce SEO we have helped them increase their organic traffic exponentially with sales and revenue increasing from zero to over 1 million dollars per annum. With 4 full time staff, this business is now looking to expand and provide new products across Australia. We look forward to working with them and continuing to bring results and further our professional relationship.

525% ROI on our own eCommerce Health Store

We built and ranked our very own eCommerce website in under a year. Taking the top spot for all our target buyer intent keywords and bringing home a return on investment of over 500%. The revenue from this one store has allowed us to deploy multiple websites in different markets around the world. Each already bringing a return on investment.

From initial research to company management, we built this business from the ground up. Before we started marketing, we had already hit the first page and started getting some traffic. This showcases the power of onpage and technical SEO. We take pride in getting it right the first time and seeing results like these.

Local Business Increases Traffic by 200%

This local website was riddled with technical issues and had been a victim of low quality SEO. Once we started making changes to the website we started to see some movement in the search engines, resulting in organic traffic doubling over the space of 4 months!

This was a little business looking for an Auckland SEO agency to take them to another level and allow growth in revenue to fund an expansion into more areas. We communicated what needed to happen through skype calls, and got started optimising the website. The results speak for themselves.

Google Updates Love Our Quality SEO Services

The little Google logo down the bottom indicates a Google update to the algorithm. The green line indicates the expected traffic based off where our keywords rank in Google. As you can see, Google loves the work we do on our clients websites.

Rest assured we will only ever produce quality, results focused seo services with your companies best interests in mind. We want long, prosperous, win-win business relationships that allow both our agency, our employees, and your company and its employees to prosper. We’re all kiwi’s here, and we take all our work and relationships seriously.

Need more reasons to work with us?

If all this isn’t enough to get on a call, here are a few more reasons to get in touch with our SEO consultant for a free, no obligation SEO consultation.

We’ve been providing SEO services to clients for the last 5 years, but have been building our own digital estates’ and promoting them through SEO for about a decade. Our team is constantly developing systems and tools that provide a better, more effective way to gather, store and analyse all the important data required for a successful SEO plan. Alongside our own personally developed tools, we also invest in the best SEO tools available on the market. These tools come with the best that technology and SEO practices have to offer. Our tools pull from APIs, perform data scraping and combine all the data with powerful formulas so we can analyse and implement what’s required, when it’s required. Because of this we believe we are a leading seo agency in New Zealand.

We not only say that we get results, but we also have a track record to prove it. All the websites that we have worked with have experienced a significant increase in traffic and improved their ranking in Google. We welcome Google updates. Mostly they help us rank higher while weeding out the bad SEO specialists and reinforcing the work we complete.

If we notice a site is affected by an algorithm update, we can quickly analyse all affected sites to draw a conclusion for the cause, then rectify it. We’ve successfully brought sites back from the dead after manual reviews with this exact process.

No matter where you are in your relationship with us, we are 100% transparent with you. Before you sign a contract with us, we are honest about what we have to offer. After you hire us, we are completely open about what we have found out regarding your website and what plans we have for your SEO campaign. You will always be informed and we will always seek prior approval when anything changes in the seo marketing plan.

No one likes to feel trapped. We’re confident you will love what our services can do for your business. For that reason, we’re happy to offer our seo services on a month to month contract basis. If you are not happy with the work we do, you’re free to move on at any time.

We’ve been building client websites and our own internal projects long enough to know what works. On-Page SEO is much more important than off-page SEO especially when a campaign is just kicking off. Your website tells Google what it’s all about, if its not sending the right signals to search engines, you wont show up for your most important keywords with off page SEO alone. We frequently bring websites from deep in the search engines to page 1 with just onpage optimisations alone. For more details about structuring your on-page we have a free guide on our site.

We have never had a penalty because we follow the best seo practices with every decision we make. We will never keyword stuff, build black-hat backlinks, or spam your site with bad SEO. We only focus on ethical techniques. With over 100 websites to test on, we have all the data required to know what works, and what’s wasting our time and your budget. We don’t get our information from 3rd party blogs, we test on our own web properties (not yours).

Real time reports are an important part of being transparent. We build inhouse tools to allow us to give you access to Google drive folders that show what tasks are being completed, what links are being built and where we are in the content marketing strategies associated with your campaign. Most of our SEO packages will also share monthly reporting on keywords, traffic, maintenance, security and site speed. All important factors for search engine optimisation.

Although we frequently market across the globe, we’ve built most of our strategies for New Zealand businesses. Our Auckland SEO strategies are more aggressive than our Christchurch SEO, however all SEO campaigns in NZ are a walk in the park compared to our Global, US & Australian campaigns. We’re focused on helping you grow your business online. The more ambitious you are, the better.

We are experienced in resolving Google penalties including Panda for low quality content, penguin for bad link building and more. Resolving a penalty isn’t always possible but we can advise on several different approaches that will get your business back to its former glory. Rest assured, work with us and you won’t get a penalty from Google.

Let's Build Something Beautiful

All consultations are free, no obligation and packed with solid advice no matter what marketing stage your currently in. Looking for more information or ready to pull the trigger, we want to help.

Our NZ SEO Services Are Scalable

Although we have monthly SEO packages, each package is personalized & based on a content budget, link budget and the hours required to complete the work. Each package can be scaled north to fit any larger ambitions, or shorter timeframes you have to work with. By charging per hour, but on a monthly retainer, you know what you’re paying for.

8 Benefits that SEO Will Bring to Your Business

We have already discussed how SEO will improve your website’s ranking in Google’s search results, increase your traffic and subsequent sales. These benefits are worth mentioning again, but instead of repeating them, we are going to share 8 other benefits that SEO will bring to your business.

Better User Experience​

Google cares about the user’s experience. Many of the guidelines that Google uses to rank websites are related to whether the user is receiving a good experience or not.

As wwe follow Google’s guidelines and create SEO campaigns, we automatically help users to find the information that they need quickly and make it easier for them to navigate your website’s pages. Overall they enjoy a better user experience.

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Higher Rate of Qualified Leads

The internet is full of sales leads which can be divided into two rough categories:
Unqualified leads –  People who could purchase your products or

services but haven’t expressed an interest in doing so
Qualified leads – People who have expressed a clear interest in what you are offering.
SEO will bring more traffic to your website and this traffic will have a higher rate of qualified leads than unqualified. SEO is able to do this because it makes your website visible to people who have done searches related to what you are offering.

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Higher Close Rates

Since SEO sends qualified leads to your website, you will also enjoy higher close rates. These people have an interest in the products or services that you are offering

and they have taken the time to research Google about it, so they are primed and ready to close a deal.

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Increased Brand Awareness

When customers become familiar with a brand, they will remember it and recognize it in a variety of situations and they will be more likely to buy from that brand.

SEO will rank your website higher in Google’s search results for crucial keywords relating to your brand, products, or services. This means that more people will see your website again and again to the point that they become familiar with it. At that point, they will be more comfortable doing business with you.

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Increased Credibility

People who do internet searches instinctively know that the first few websites listed in the search results are the most credible. They know that these websites

have been tried and proven by other internet users and these are the websites that they are most likely to trust. By using SEO to improve your ranking in Google, you can increase your business’ credibility.

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Guarantees Mobile-friendliness

Approximately half of all the traffic on the internet comes from mobile devices. This means that a significant number of your clients, as well as potential clients,

access your website from their smartphones, tablets, etc…, so your website needs to be mobile-friendly.
Thankfully, SEO makes a website easy to read, find links and in general, navigate. This naturally guarantees that the website is mobile-friendly.

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Saves You Money

Have you ever paid for clicks or run a series of ads? If you have, you will probably agree that the ongoing cost of these types of marketing begins to weigh heavily.

With SEO, you will invest to have your website optimized, but after that, you won’t pay any ongoing fees and you will continue to reap the benefits of more traffic, more qualified leads, and higher close rates. In the long run, SEO tends to be cheaper and more effective than pay-per-click marketing and advertisements.

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Helps You Beat the Competition

Again and again, we have seen businesses that invest in SEO begin to grow and eventually beat their competition. SEO opens opportunities for businesses

to get to know influencers, other authority sites, and crowds of potential clients. These opportunities help the business to not just survive but to thrive in this digital era.

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How to Get Started With SEO

If you are ready to implement SEO on your website and begin reaping its many benefits, follow these simple steps to get started:

Define your goals
Take a few minutes to write down your goals for your website and SEO campaign. These goals will help you identify what is most important to you, as well as give you a long-term vision and enduring motivation.
Calculate a rough budget

This budget does not need to be exact, but it should give you a rough idea of how much you can afford to spend on SEO.

Scribble down your questions

Have you ever gone to a meeting with a professional and forgotten everything you wanted to ask? To prevent that from happening with us, scribble down all the questions and doubts that you have and keep them nearby as you do step 4. That way, we will get all of your SEO questions answered on the first call.

Contact us

We have a variety of ways that you can contact us. Simply choose the way that is most convenient for you and let’s get started working to improve your website’s SEO and its overall success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our SEO consultant is the brains behind your search engine campaign. With over 10 years experience and a drive to work 11+ hour days seven days a week, he will design the perfect SEO strategy based on data driven results. Cutting out the wasted spend for an increased efficiency and higher return on your spend. Want to know more about our SEO consultant?

The onpage optimisation that takes place will always remain, which will give you a huge edge over most NZ websites. The content we create and the backlinks we build will also remain long after our search campaigns have finished.

SEO will last much longer than Paid ad campaigns that stop once your ad budget runs out. However, over time your ranking will drop if your site isn’t maintained or your competition is still working on a search campaign. Even the best runner in the world will lose first place if he stops running before the finish line, and there is no finish line in digital marketing. Momentum is your friend so we suggest finding an agency who can bring you a solid return on your investment and running with it.

Put simply, Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your websites pages for different keywords and search terms. When a customer goes looking for you or your services online, we work to make sure you’re the company they find.

Proper SEO isn’t just producing content and building backlinks, any cowboy can do that. Delivering effective SEO takes skills.

  • Analysing what Google wants and why
  • Finding the right keywords with the right search intent
  • Structuring your website so it’s easy for Google and customers
  • Positioning things in the right place to increase conversion rates
  • Increasing site load speed so people don’t bounce
  • Building the right content at the right time in the right order
  • Improving site structure for Technical SEO best practices
  • Creating linkable assets & reaching out to influencers for promotion
  • Building the right backlinks, at the right speed, using the right anchor text

These are just a few steps in the SEO process, get any wrong and you will lose money.

Any business not already in position 1 can benefit from expert SEO services. But this doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your business! If you are unsure about what marketing will best bring results based on your current situation, the best thing to do is get in touch. Services like Adwords will bring a faster ROI, but may cost a little more in the long run. It’s in your best interest to rank in Google, but let’s get on a call and find out what it will take.

Companies that promise first page rankings are companies that pray on the misinformed. Unless your site is in the top 1 – 3 positions on the front page, you wont get any increase in traffic from Google. It’s also extremely easy to rank your website on the first page for your own brand names and low competition keywords. We don’t control Google, we just manipulate the search to help you achieve higher visibility through your chosen keywords.

What we can promise is full transparency, quality work and growth for your business. Getting your site on the front page is one way to increase leads for your business, but we can also send direct traffic through the links we build and the content we share.

We charge hourly based on the work that’s required in your campaign. We also set aside a budget for link building and content creation. Although we sell packages, these packages are easily scaled to your needs by increasing the hours we work, or increasing the budget we have available to build high quality backlinks and produce outstanding content for your site.

Visit this link to learn more about our  NZ SEO packages.

The first month is all data analysis, preparation and development of your seo campaign. Once we get all this together, get approval of content topics and start outreaching for links, results will come in. Results will depend entirely on your competition and your current position in Google. If you have a new site, expect at least 5 – 6 months to hit position 1 for high quality, impactful keywords. If your site is established, results will come much faster. We will tell you our prediction and expected results after we have talked about your SEO budget, and analysed your website.

Standard SEO packages start with a full website audit, fixing technical issues, improving onpage content and optimisation, creating content assets for outreach and promotion, and building backlinks. We provide full reports on all SEO tasks, and provide excellent customer service and response times. The rest depends on your exact needs, which is determined after a website audit and your first consultation with an SEO expert. We will build a search engine optimization plan that helps your website appear on the right search results pages and as close to position 1 as possible.

Almost every company advertising SEO says they are the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services Auckland has to offer. And we think we are the Leading SEO company in Auckland NZ too, but that doesn’t mean we need to be based in Auckland. All our NZ staff work from the comfort of our homes giving us the ability to be more creative and work in a space that we thrive in. Since making the switch to home based services we have increased production and decreased the cost to our clients.

As a Digital agency delivering seo services in Auckland & around NZ we can use digital technology to have face to face conversations and more easily share our screen with screencast video’s. We’re advant users of video to help explain our services and what we are doing in an easy to digest way.

Get on the phone and speak with an SEO consultant. Reviews can be faked, and not all SEO companies invest in SEO for their business. With such a high level of competition it can be better to market your website through adwords, content marketing or one of 100 other marketing avenues. It may sound counter intuitive, but it’s smart marketing.

There are only a handful of SEO search terms worth targeting and only a couple spots on the front page that drive traffic. So why invest thousands every month to compete when you can draw customers another way?

In the end, marketing is about increasing sales and awareness for your business in the most cost effective way.

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