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Search Engine Optimization isn’t something you go to university to learn about. No one has a bachelor’s degree in SEO. You can only master SEO by using it for decades, building up your experience over time in the field. Our SEO professionals cover more than half a century of experience. They can and will use this experience to improve, optimize, and rank your website. This is all done through entirely local organic ranking methods.

We Locate and Correct Technical Errors.

Search engines are designed to locate and rank websites that fit their specifications as closely as possible. Our team, here in Wellington, look through more than 200 ranking factors to match your website to search engines, improving your indexation and ranking. To appear above your competition, on-page and technical SEO needs to be perfect. We will help Google sees your website as a better option than your competitions.

We Locate and Apply High Value “Keywords”.

Keywords are the primary means of getting noticed by search engines. These keywords are what your target audience is most likely to search for when they look for your product/service. Our Wellington SEO consultants perform targeted keyword research to find search patterns from your target audience. We then insert those keywords into your content to improve your chances of being discovered.

We Build & Apply Expert-Level Content.

The phrase “content is king” couldn’t be more accurate. Excellent content is the best way to build organic traffic. Owning content that piques the interest of your visitors is the best way to keep them coming back for more. Luckily for you, we know just how to build it! All local business content we create will be approved by you, and optimised to increase your brand exposure and drive new leads to your business.

We Acquire High-Quality White Hat Links.

You won’t have a show without a powerful link-building strategy. We spend a huge amount of time and effort locating high quality, healthy links for your website. We use white hat links that are safe and fit Google’s SEO guidelines. Our experts will manually search for potential links and ensure that you are the strongest holder of that link. We will also make sure you are listed on all the local Wellington directories and aim to drive local traffic through our local link building process.

Our Consultants Keep You in the Loop.

Any SEO agency that refuses to give you regular reports is hiding something. We construct our reports in a simple, transparent fashion for your benefit. We will explain what’s going on and what we expect to happen in the near future as well. This way, you know exactly what we are doing and how efficiently we are doing it! We even have a live reporting system where you can share new content for promotion, see upcoming tasks and approve different stages in our local seo campaigns.

Wellington’s #1 Highest Reviewed SEO agency

Our reputation speaks for itself. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards in order to provide you, our clients, with the best we have to offer.

Rapid Roofing M

We couldn’t be happier with the service from Digital Estate. Based in Melbourne we were a little hesitant at first to choose a marketing partner who wasn’t in our physical

Dan Ward

We started working with Digital Estate back in 2015 after our previous marketing company performance was low. Scott immediately changed course…

Elise Thomson

I have now used Digital Estate for a number of services on my websites. They have been awesome to deal with and work is always done quickly and to the highest quality!

Why Use Our Wellington SEO Services?

SEO is a complicated thing to handle on your own. There are hundreds of factors to consider. We can handle all of these for you and allow you to focus on the business as a whole.

Technical Experience & Creativity

We don’t just run the numbers for you. We also find ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Our experts have developed a number of tools that keep our services at a balanced cost while still providing all the services you need and more.

Local Focus & National Reputation

We’ve been featured on a variety of highly reputable marketing websites. (Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs to name a few) Although we are quite well-known, we still make it a habit to focus on our local businesses as opposed to those further away. Wellington is our primary concern!

Consistency with Our Clients

Finding a trustworthy agency is difficult when looking worldwide. Imagine how difficult it is to find one locally! Luckily for Wellington-dwellers, you’re all covered. We’ve been around long enough to know that we can handle any and all businesses, providing you with more traffic, links, and sales in no time! Give us a call and find out just how good we are.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

No, we work with companies across Australasia and also have many of our own projects spanning across the western world. We’re a company that brings global experience to a local market.
It’s hard to find highly skilled SEO consultants here in New Zealand. Most will work for themselves as it’s much more lucrative. From time to time we do come to Auckland to have meetings with our clients but most communication is completed through video conferencing where we can better share our screens, presentations and do so on a better time budget.
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