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We provide a combination of three elements to ensure you get fast results with your Auckland SEO campaign!

Content – Citations – Links


Digital Marketing For Small And Large Businesses

We try to warn our customers of the work load that follows having multiple #1 ranking positions in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Maps listings. If your business is a one man band, there’s little chance you’ll be able to keep up with the demand your SEO campaign brings. For that reason, getting on the phone with our digital marketing consultants is a great first step. Let us take a look at your position, see where you business is heading, and come up with the best strategy for you. In many cases, this will save you money helping you generate just enough work for a great return on investment.

We have two types of customers who look to us for Search Engine Marketing.

  • The startup business / sole trader, looking for a bit more work and a taste of marketing success and,
  • The seasoned business looking to take out competition, move to new locations and expand with a tenacious hunger for growth.

Each customer requires a different approach, just as each business requires a different strategy. Get on a call with us for some free marketing advice and a one on one consultation with our leading Search Engine Optimisation Specialists.

SEO Auckland

SEO has long been a sore subject for a lot of business owners looking to generate more business form the local community. With so many services it’s hard to find the right one for you. We have been working in the search engine optimisation community for a good number of years and have come up with a few things that will help you find the best SEO company Auckland.

What To look For In Auckland SEO

When looking for a Auckland SEO company make sure you talk to the person who is actually doing the work on your site. This will give you a good idea of the level and expertise that will effectively generate more customers through the search engine’s traffic. In many cases you will only be able to talk to the sales team, this is the First Red Flag.

If a company cant get an SEO on the phone it usually means they are either outsourcing the work to foreign companies that can’t be help accountable, or they are trying to sell you snake oil and have no real promise of fulfilling your seo campaign. Believe it or not, most SEO companies only know how to sell SEO, and have no real idea on how to get results using search engine optimisation.

Three pillars of an effective local SEO strategy

Effective SEO requires three equally important aspects. Make sure your campaign has all three or your most likely dealing with someone who has little to no experience in the industry.

1. Regular Content

Make sure your digital marketing strategy adds regular content to your website and other online properties like Facebook. The internet is built on content, every page is filled with images, words and videos. If your not putting more out there, your not taking advantage of more space online.

One page of your website can only rank for a certain number of keywords before the content start’s getting to long and the user experience (conversion rate) starts to suffer. For effective online marketing in Auckland or any local city, you need to consistently have new assets created on your digital estate. Think of each new pages as a new opportunity to generate more leads for a new set of keywords or phrases. Then take into consideration that every piece of content live online is as valuable as an employee working 24/7 for your Auckland based business. Content is king.

2. Local Business Citations

All the businesses ranked locally in Auckland by Digital Estate have a listing on over 240 local business directories. These are called citations and also known as a NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number). The more places throughout the internet that list your business NAP, the more trust Google has that your business is a real, legitimate business.

Google wants to show the best content to its readers, getting your business listed in more trusted places across the internet is the best way to help Google and the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo gain trust. If your seo agency isn’t doing this for you, they are missing one of the fundamental aspects of local business marketing.

The first thing we do when launching your Auckland search engine optimisation campaign is list you on all 240+ of our directories including yellow pages, Yelp, Bing Maps, Google Maps, Foursquare etc.

3. Building Backlink’s

A back-link is simply a link on the internet that links from one place to another. The best back-links use a word to link from one place to another, that work is called the anchor text and should tell the user what is on the other side of the link.

Think of back-links as the wind in your sails. Where having the right content and citations is building the beautiful ship, back-links are what get it all moving in the right direction. The reason Google uses back-links to help decide where your website should rank in search engines is simple. If someone is willing to send there website visitors to your business website, then that person is effectively voting you as the best option in the area. When you have more votes from more website, you are favoured more over your competition.

Although backlinks can make your Auckland digital marketing work, they can also destroy your efforts and even get your website de-indexed and removed from the search engine results page. Google has plenty of powerful algorithms that look for people gaming there search engine. This is why I always see seo as a battle ground. It is war against your competition, and war against Google itself.

Luckily our seo specialist in Auckland have been testing for years and know exactly how to get you the results you require in your digital marketing campaign.

For more information or a to get geeky over the phone. Give us a call. We are always looking for new business in Auckland.

Why Choose Digital Estate

We bring you a one stop shop for everything Digital Marketing in Auckland including search engine marketing & SEO, content management, hosting, support, security and social media engagement. We are happy to be your one point of contact for everything related to your online marketing. Want something changed on your website? no problem, we can get it done for you.

Our goal is to help you grow your business, we understand the digital marketing world so you don’t have to. Were happy to spend all day monitoring and optimising your campaigns while you reap the benefits of a complete digital marketing experience and all the work it generates for your business.

The truth is, WE LOVE SEO

Not only do we get to help other business owners reach their goals and increase sales, we get to learn more about the ever changing digital marketing environment to bring even better results through optimised search engine optimisation campaigns.

We also provide a full solution to building our your website, adding content to your blog and sharing everything through your social media accounts to help grow your audience and generate more sales through alternative avenues to the search engine’s. We understand the full picture…. Reach more customers and generate more revenue.

Let us help you grow your business faster!

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