The Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy For Australian Business Owners in 2017

As a Digital Marketing Agency we have one goal.

Increase your profits more than your advertising cost’s to gain a return on investment and business growth.

There are benefits to bringing in more business even if you still only break even, but it doesn’t help you increase the one number that counts. Your ATM balance.

Me any my team have been working with service providers for a couple year and while that doesn’t sound like a long time, it’s important to point out digital marketing changes like the weather in April.

These are just three examples that demand a fluid digital marketing agency.

  • New marketing techniques appear with new technologies. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram are all modern marvels in marketing.
  • Google wreaks havoc by tweaking algorithms every month, destroying marketing campaigns that are not inline with what Google really wants.
  • Customer grow weary of old marketing techniques, meaning those who monitor and measure walk away with the results.

With these points in mind, we developed a base marketing strategy that DOES work for ALL service providers who have a buying market. Before going any further, It’s important to mention the requirements of this online marketing strategy.

How Much Will This Strategy Cost Per Month.

We don’t have set packages because your business isn’t the same as anyone else’s. Every digital marketing strategy we create follows a set system, but the system has many variables.

In the first over the phone consultation, we will answer any of your questions you have but also, we will ask you one important need to know question.

What is your budget?

Once we know how much you are able to invest, we can come up with the best strategy within your means to get you more business. Some companies need to start off as low as $500 and we get that, others can invest $20,000+ per month. So you can see why “cookie cutter” packages don’t work for you, they just simplify the sales process for the SEO agency. We don’t do what’s easiest for us, we do whats best for you.

There is a minimum budget we can work with. Most quality SEO strategies require at least $800. This covers content, time, links and profits. We will always give you the honest opinion and what to expect when going through this process. If we can’t help you within your budget, we will tell you. We won’t take your money.

When it comes down to it, the more you can invest the more we can do for you.

The best option is to talk to us. That way we can have an honest conversion and talk about expected results, competition and cost’s so you can make an informed decision. Give us a call on 03 8592 4738

How Long Will It take To See Results

As mentioned results start as soon as the campaign does. This is something most SEO companies don’t provide and the reason is because they really have no idea what they are doing.

Think about this for a second.

Are there people looking for your business right now? If there isn’t your business is doomed before it even starts. It’s obvious that every business who can invest at least $800 per month is going to have demand. So if there is already demand and your paying an SEO company and NOT seeing any results, well…… they are doing something wrong. Without a shadow of doubt this is because your company is focusing 100% on increasing your rank in Google. Google on the other hand, is doing everything it can to stop them from manipulating the search engines. This means it takes time, like any good battle does.

This strategy will also increase your rank in Google as that’s important, people are looking for you services there. But following this digital strategy will also drive traffic and interest from other sources across the internet. As explained below.

Why is This Different To Your Average SEO company.

Put simply, because we target all your potential customers instead of following the crowd and competing only one area!

Where Adwords and generic SEO companies focus on Keywords in Google and Bing, we understand that is only part of the market.

There are three types of people who will use your services, You need to target them all!

  • OMG I need help NOW!
  • I’m looking for more information.
  • Hey that looks cool, maybe I need that.
The top group are “Buyers”.

Buyers are ready to get quotes and spend money. They are valuable but also harder to get in-front of because that is where everyone else is targeting. It takes time to reach these people through marketing unless you invest money in paid adverting like Adwords and Bing Ads. Obviously we want to increase your visibility in the search engines so you reach Buyers organically 24/7. But it will take time.

Second we have people “On The Fence”.

On The fence is still great, these people will likely buy, they usually want too, but they need a push either side of the fence. They will be looking at reviews, searching through articles and genuinely checking out information to help them take the plunge. The best way to turn someone on the fence into a buyer is with re-marketing. Offering great information for free on your website is a perfect way to add them to your re-marketing list. A great example of this is this post. You have already been tagged and added to my list for re-targeting. Right now, you are not sure if you want the services I am offering, but after a few more ads, i’m sure you will warm up to at least a chat over the phone. 🙂

Another way to target potential buyers still on the fence, is through an email campaign. Offering valuable information or a free entry level service in exchange for name and email means you can add that potential lead to a list and send automated (Value Packed) email’s to keep in touch and stay in the subconscious mind of your future customers. Re-marketing works!

The last group are the “opportunists”.

This group is build with compulsive buyers and window shoppers, although the window is replaced with a screen. Opportunists can’t be found in the search engines, they are not looking for your services. The truth is, they most likely wouldn’t buy from you unless you gain their interest. To target an opportunist you offer something irresistible they can download or, you send them to content on your website that interests them. From there, they either jump on the fence and move closer to becoming a buyer, or they don’t. Either way, you have the ability to re-market to these people and become one with there subconscious and the first business they think about when they need your services, or a friend who is on the fence asks if they know someone.

Now we have covered the basics lets get into the info that made you visit this page in the first place.

The Best Digital Marketing Strategy For Australian Service Providers

This guide is the basic outline of one of the strategies I have developed for my company Digital Estate. Although I can not go into fine detail due to the SOP’s being 100,000’s of words + videos and Images, I can give you the overview and explain why we do each step.

Before we get into it, If you have not already, read over the information above. It will help you understand the importance of each and every step we take when promoting your business online.

Stage One: Preparation

Although preparation sounds boring and in every sense is, it’s 100% required and can make or break a campaign before it even start’s.

I served in the NZ Army for 7 years and one thing that has been drilled into me is: “Preparation is everything, Fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to digital marketing and measuring any results. If your not measuring, your guessing and if your guessing, you don’t really know what you are doing.

Preparation is broken up into 5 Strategic Steps as follows.

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase we will ask you a number of questions to ensure we understand your business, your market, what you offer, what’s most profitable and a range of other important information that will be used throughout the campaign. We also use this chance to make sure you understand the open reporting we use, and gain any permission required to send emails in your name (for link building purposes only). This phase sets the stage for everything else.

Technical Website Audit

I like to think of a website as a ship and a marketing campaign as setting that ship to sail. The search engines are the seas and the links we build are the wind. If your website is not technically sound, it’s as if your ship has holes in the sails and is taking on water. We could simply send more links (wind) towards your ship and it may help you get away from the shore but inevitably we will spend more time (money) bailing the water and repairing the tear’s. Simply put, technical issues will mean a much larger investment is needed for results that can be achieved on a smaller budget. Out Technical Website Audit looks at over 200 factors and gives us a clear path to bring your ship up to scratch.

Analytics Audit and Setup

As mentioned above, monitoring everything from the start is paramount. If we can’t see where your customers are coming from, what customers are converting the most and how the campaign is tracking over time, we are simply wasting said time. Before any marketing is started, your Google Analytics will be setup with conversions, goals and an easy to follow dashboard that will tell us everything we need to know about what is working and what is not in your industry. From there we will be able to make informed marketing decisions and increase your return on investment more effectively.

Industry Landscaping

Although we get most of the information we require from the initial Discovery Phase, we still spend a good deal of time researching your industry landscape to find what topics are being shared, what information is going viral and what your competitors are doing best. We use tools like Ahrefs, SEM rush and Buzzsumo to get a greater understanding on your industry.

Competition Analysis

Combining the Industry landscaping and discovery phase we will have a clear picture of the giants in your industry. A thorough competition analysis is completed to ensure we can compete and give us a better understanding of a time frame and strategy that will bring the best profits to your business faster. If your up against monsters who invest millions a year in marketing, chances are you can not beat them. This is where we learn these things and this information is then used to develop a strategy that WILL work for your business. There is always a way to grow.

Stage Two: Strategy Development

Every business needs its own strategy. We use the information we have gathered to develop the best online marketing strategy for your particular business based of your competition and your goals.

Audience Persona Creation

To get the best results we don’t want to be selling to everyone we can. We want to know exactly what kind of people are looking for your services.

  • Are they young or old?
  • Male or Female?
  • married or single?
  • In Melbourne or Darwin?

We use the data from your Google Analytics,  Discovery phase and competition analysis to build up 2 or more customer profiles that all material will be targeted towards. This gives us the ability to create content and offers that speak to your ideal customers. This level of connection will help bring in more leads than targeting everyone and as with all steps, is necessary to gain the best results.

Keyword Opportunity Mapping

Each page on your website should be targeting a different set of keywords. Having multiple pages targeting the same keyword is counterproductive and does a great job confusing google which never ends well. We use keyword mapping to avoid this while giving a clear path on which pages should be ranking for what keywords. Sometimes this means removing pages, adding canonical links or rewriting pages. After mapping everything out we will provide you with all the changes required for optimisation.

Link Opportunity Mapping

Creating White hat links through outreach is a timely process so its important each link has the biggest effect on your profits. To do this, we find all the pages on your website that are on the edge of ranking in the search engines. These are pages that are at the bottom of the front page or on the second page. These become out targets for link building and because they are already on the first couple pages they bring the fastest results.

Competitive link audit

This is where we get one up on your competition. In most cases the top competitors are spending a large budget on SEO and link building. We use tools like Ahrefs, Majestic and SEMrush to spy on your competitions efforts and build a list of sites where we too can gain a valuable link. This cuts time and helps us bring more traffic to your website by piggybacking of the SEO budgets from top players in your industry.

Topical Research for Content

Topical research is the new keyword research. As search engines get smarter they have become more refined at picking up topics as opposed to keywords. We find the topics people are interested in then create content around those topics to increase engagement in social media. This works to help your site rank higher in Google as well as reach more people through social media. You will still rank for keywords, we just don’t write content specifically around a keyword anymore, its outdated.

Link Calendar Creation

Building out a link calendar is necessary to track everything between the multiple people working on your campaign. We use multiple different outreach link building tactics in a strategical, systematic way. The link calendar helps everyone keep on track and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. We send thousands of emails on your behalf over the length of your campaign.

Content Calendar Development

The content Calendar is where we keep everything on schedule. It’s important you website produces new assets (post) regularly that we can use to build links to, share on social media and grow your re targeting audiences. Content will be written by professionals who are qualified in your industry. We understand we’re not experts and we don’t try to be, one of the first steps in content development is hiring a professional writer in your industry. The content calendar will be shared with you, along with everything else we do. Topics we want to create on your blog and share through social media will be available for your review and you will have final say over the content that is published with a chance to review it before it’s made live on your website.

Final Campaign Strategy

This is the part everybody wants to know. But without all the rest on this page, its useless. Once all the above tasks are completed we create your final campaign strategy.

This will involve a range of marketing tactics we know drive results including:

  • Content Marketing – Building Assets that are value packed, share-able, interesting and link-able.
  • Social Sharing of the Posts to increase engagement and company image.
  • Manual Promotion of your Content – Driving Targeted Traffic to your online assets.
  • Increasing Your Online Reviews – Building trust for google and your potential leads.
  • Outreach – Contacting Blogs, Business you work with, and industry influences to gain links and generate leads.
  • PPC Re-marketing – Targeting the people on the fence and Opportunists (Budget Dependant).

The number of assets we build and time we spend reaching out to build links is 100% dependant on the budget you have. $1500 is a good starting point but lets be honest, as you make more money from the campaign you should be reinvesting in what works. Where $1500 might bring in $4000, $3000 could bring in $8000.

Stage Three: Making Changes

Making changes is where we correct any issues we found in the previous steps. In other words, this is where we patch up the ship and start sailing out to sea.

Execute Technical Updates

The first step in making changes is fixing the technical issues. This needs to be completed before building any links to ensure the links we do build have the biggest effects. Technical issues should be fixed by your website developer. We take a project management stand point and pass all the necessary information onto your developer ensuring each change is completed. If you do not have a developer, you can hire us to do the technical changes to your site for you.

Launch Content Marketing Campaign

First things first, we need to find and hire a professional writer with vast knowledge in your field. We will post job requests in a range of different places including up-works, Facebook groups and our previous contacts. Once we have the writer and you are happy with the topics we have presented our hired hand will get to work crafting some quality pieces focused on driving traffic, increasing sales and visibility of your business online.

Create “Personas” for Outreach

To get the best results when reaching out to niche relevant blogs we need to create a persona. This is a Gmail and Yahoo account that is designed around you and your business (with your permission). We will send out thousands if not tens of thousands of emails in the life of your campaign. To get the best results, we need to make it personal. Doing so brings a much higher response rate as it looks like the real business owner is reaching out, as opposed to a marketing company.

Stage Four: Growth

This is where all the heavy lifting happens, everything is setup and ready to go. Everything above happens at the beginning ideally over the first month where everything bellow is ongoing and happens continuously until you make changes to the requirements or decide to stop working on the campaign.

Organic Content Promotion

Simply publishing a piece on content doesn’t achieve the desired results. The entire internet is built on content, to stand out from the crowd you need to promote it and gain some traction. For every post we publish, it will be shared on social media (boosted in some instances), through industry related forums, on question and answer sites like yahoo answers, and through content sharing sites like Reddit, Quora, Medium and Tumblr. We put a lot of effort into your content and we put more effort into making sure it is seen.

Skyscraper Content Outreach

Another tactic we use to promote your content is the Skyscraper technique. This is where use sophisticated software to hunt down blogs, directories, forums, and resource sites that are already linking to similar content. We then outreach to the site owners and gain links back to your content. This sends traffic to your site, increases your domains authority in Google and helps your new content rank higher in the search engines, all contributing to more traffic and more leads.

Ongoing Link Outreach

Ongoing outreach is powerful when done right. We will use our previously created link calendar to stay on track and keep a steady supply of authority links to your site throughout your campaign. This is done using Guest posting, Sponsored posts and niche relevant blogger outreach. Each link gained is another link sending more traffic and helping you rank higher in the search engines so we can take a larger portion of the buyer market.

Link Building Campaigns

Campaigns are slightly different to outreach. In a link building campaign we will reach out to Australian Reporters, write press releases, publish helpful info-graphics and network with social media influences who can make a difference in your business. Campaigns are not ongoing, we do at least one campaign per month minimum with a higher budget meaning more regular and longer campaigns.

Reporting, Analysis, Consulting

What good would it be if we done all this and didn’t provide the proof or value. Everyone at Digital Estate works from Google Sheets, out project management systems is a custom designed Google Spreadsheet (that works brilliantly by the way). You will have full access to see every change we make, every audit we complete and all the content we post. You will also see all the links we create for your business. We are 100% transparent with this. On top of that, you will get a monthly report that goes deep into detail and shows the good and the bad. Without knowing the full story, its hard to make the right decisions.

Do you want more from you business?

Start the discovery process and get expert advice without the pressure of sales. We will offer you value, it’s your choice if you take it.