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Be Seen First with Local SEO

As Google’s algorithm gets more sophisticated as does the way we market locally on Google. Local internet marketing is more important with the rise and dominance of Google Places (Google My Business), something every NZ business needs to take advantage of. Google My Business is the Google owned Local directory and responsible for your appearance on Google Maps and local search.

As a specialist local SEO company Digital Estate will help you establish your dominance in front of your local audience through your Google Maps listing. This is also known as the “Three pack” which takes up a large portion of the front page for local keywords.

With the rise in Mobile devices, improving your local maps pack position is even more important. Google uses the mobile devices GPS and cross references it with the most optimized businesses in their location to provide the best options to the Google users. These users are your customers and our services will help connect you to them.

Our Local SEO Process

Why is local marketing for Google Important?

Local search is growing rapidly and as technology gets better and society integrates with technology further, this will only become more important.

Local Search is Buyer Intent

For starters, people searching for local businesses are most often searching with the intent to take action. These are some of the most valuable keywords and keaving them off the table while marketing your business is leaving potential customers to your competitors who are working with Local SEO companies.

Local Searchers Are In Your Area

In most cases, those searching for local services are in your area. They are you market and you should be putting more emphasis into reaching those who are nearest to you.​

Digital Estate Local SEO Services

Google Places Setup Only

If you are a small business with a little budget, you don’t have a website or you are happy with your current marketing but want some local optimisation, we can provide you with a one time local seo setup package.

Our Google+ Local package is simple, affordable and ideal for local businesses looking to appear in front of local customers. This service includes a full setup of your Google Local Maps listing without any of the ongoing costs. If this is for you, ask us about our Google maps listing setup service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google understands the intent behind a search term. When someone uses a location qualifier such as a city / suburb or “near me”, Google shows what it believes are the most relevant businesses to help their customers.

Google My Business (GMB) marketing or local search engine optimisation of your local listing helps Google understand the value you offer. The more we optimize your business compared to your competition, the more likely Google is to present your business as the best option.
As Local SEO consultants we have the experience, data and drive to push your listing higher in local intent search, as well as lifting your websites position in organic search.

Local SEO has a geographical intent which organic SEO doesn’t always have. Where local SEO optimise your business for search terms with locations like “Local SEO company Auckland” or “Local SEO company Christchurch” organic SEO does not.

For the most part Organic SEO is built around and influenced by relevant and trusted content. Local SEO is influenced around relevant and trusted locations, for example, brick and mortar business.