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Link Outreach and Acquisition Services

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The Power Of Link Building For Your Business

Backlinks are one of the most powerful ranking signals for search algorithms when done right. Think of each backlink as a vote of confidence for your site. However, it’s not that simple – Google will also take into consideration the type of backlink, where the link is coming from, the relevancy of the anchor text and the quality of the site linking to you.

Building the wrong backlinks will damage your sites reputation and may land you a penguin penalty. Building the right links will send you on your merry way towards the front page of Google. We use data provided by Google to determine what, how and when to build backlinks and at what velocity using which anchor text. The perfect anchor text ratio mixed with quality link building services will guarantee you get the best results in your targeted SERP (search engine results page).

Another overlooked factor by most SEO link builders, is the direct traffic you can receive from the backlinks you build. While ranking in Google is the goal, we can also increase your sales by placing your link on a website that sends referral traffic, increasing your organic traffic and getting more eyeballs on your business / services before you even hit the first page.

White Hat Link Building Campaigns

links are still the most powerful ranking factor in SEO. If your website is already technically sound and your onpage SEO is good, a quality link building campaign will move the needle in a meaningful way. Our white hat links are the perfect backlinks based on outreach campaigns that are tailored to your business, ensuring your link building campaign is earning you the right links.

Our Approach to Link Building

Backlinks to your site are the most powerful ranking factor for SEO. However, most link building services will do your website and your brand damage and even possibly cause you a Google Penalty. We provide white hat links based on outreach campaigns tailored to your business, ensuring your site gains the right links.

Examples of links from campaigns

Why Use Our Link Building Services?

Because you want results and we can deliver. Really, it’s that simple. But here’s a few more reasons.

The gold standard for NZ link building

You could pay a black-hat SEO company to build some quality paid backlinks. But why risk your business with low quality link farms? Our service is a premium white-hat only approach that ensures long lasting results that are hard to come by in the NZ link building community.

We build our own tools & streamline management

We take pride in building high quality systems and improving our technique to lower cost and provide a higher quality service with better results. We’ve spent a long time building and optimising our system built within Google itself. This proprietary system lets us manage hundreds of link building campaigns with thousands of opportunities all within one well managed solution. We can get your campaign up and running fast.

We’re flexible and dependable

Our retainer structure along with the project management system we developed lets us pivot on a dime. If you need more links, we can make the changes to the campaign quickly allowing us to scale with your needs. With systems comes success - we’ll make sure that success shines through with your campaign results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Link building is the process of linking other websites to your website through hyperlinks, also known as off page optimisation. Where an internal link is a link from one page on your site to another, a backlink is from one website to another.

Our link services have a built-in retainer based on the hours we spend building backlinks for your website. This includes completing the research, building your strategy, performing ongoing prospecting and ongoing email outreach management. From here it depends on your business and budget.For local businesses we only charge a monthly retainer which includes all expenses. For companies with larger budgets and more aggressive link building requirements there is also an expense cost tacked on to each link delivered – this expense comes from things like content writing (for guest posts) or a sponsorship payment (to a blogger). Each expense is presented to you and approved before we execute. All costs are billed directly to you.

Our NZ link building strategies include the following.

  • Niche relevant guest posts
  • Competitor analysis link building (using your competitors hard earned seo efforts
  • Niche relevant sponsored posts
  • Hyper Local directory submissions (News sites, NZ local directories)
  • Location relevant, country specific sites (Directories in your city)
  • Industry specific link opportunities (industry directories & membership sites)
  • Press releases (used to correct anchor text ratios)
  • Manual social bookmarking & social signal sites (facebook likes, tweets & shares)
  • Sponsored posts & donation links
  • Paid link insertions in relevant content across the web
  • Niche specific, manually built blog commenting
  • Niche specific, manually built Forum posting

Note: We never build automated links.

The number of links we can build depends on the retainer structure. The more hours you allocate us the more links we can build. This also varies on industry, niche and the type of links we need to build for your business. Some clients pay us for 5 links per month, while others pay upwards of 30. We work to gain as many quality links as we can based on the budget you have, but can’t guarantee a minimum number of links required. We can promise to provide you with the best link building service in New Zealand.
Our whitehat link building service doesn’t include paying for any backlinks directly. We never email prospects saying “we want to pay for backlinks on your site”. This doesn’t mean link building is free. Many link types require content or sponsorship for a blogger fee. Depending on the link package you choose, these costs will either be absorbed by our retainer or passed on for approval.