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Looking to generate more leads through profitable PPC campaigns?

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Conversion Focused AdWords Service

Anyone can set up an Adwords account and start spending money in the hopes of generating more business online. Not many can generate a profitable PPC campaign that converts those clicks into conversions. Our Google Ads Experts are certified premier partners who can set up everything including high clickthrough rate ad copy, high converting landing pages and all the necessary conversion tracking required to measure and improve your paid campaigns over time. We make sure to measure everything from the start to ensure the right decisions can be made to increase the conversions, and profitability of your Google paid ads.

The “6 Phases” To Our Google Ads Process

Google Ads Results

We have a proven Google Ads management track record delivering results to our clients with excellent returns on investment. Our services are transparent with no hidden fees. All expenses are built into the campaign and leveraged across all our clients saving you time and money. We’re experienced with all forms of Google ads from simple search ads, targeted Google display network (GDN) retargeting campaigns & Google Shopping Ads (PLA’s) for e Commerce We will help you get the most from your advertising.

Cerftified Premier Partners

Each of our Adwords consultants is a certified premier partner with the experience to work quickly and effectively building and managing your ads campaigns. Alongside Google certified partnership, our pay per click team is always up to date with the latest platform updates, software available and ppc marketing techniques.

Leveraging Sophisticated Algorithms

Even with all the training on Google Ads, it takes a combination of manpower and technology to squeeze out the best results and gain an edge on the competition. We use the best software available to help leverage our time and abilities and bring cost savings and higher conversion to your NZ paid ad campaigns.

Google Shopping Ads (PLAs)

Google Shopping Ads, also known as Product Listing Ads (PLA's) are those product images you see when you search on Google. Perfect for eCommerce websites, these Shopping ads are rich in product information including product images, price and your brand name. We will setup and optimise your product display ads through your Merchant Center so customers can find your products when they search on Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a Pay-per-click campaign, we set a bid for each keyword and you compete against your competitors for higher placement of your ads in Google and Google’s search partner network. It cost’s nothing to have your ad displayed, but once someone clicks on that ad and visits your website, you pay the current Cost Per Click (CPC) from your Adwords budget.
There are a few reasons you might want to consider running a PPC campaign. First is reach, with your ad showing at the top of Google for the keywords you want to target, your able to pay your way into the right audience quicker than most other advertising techniques. You can also target just those keywords that matter the most, increasing your relevancy and with it your return on investment.
Anyone looking to increase leads and exposure, who has the budget available can benefit from running Google Ads. If your service provider running ppc campaigns can keep your pipeline full, if you are an eCommerce business you can increase sales. Almost anyone can benefit from the right ads campaign, get in touch and we will let you know if we can bring a return on your investment through Adwords.
There isn’t a magic number when it comes to investing in marketing through paid ads. To come up with a start figure we first need to check out your offer, landing pages, competition and the current bids for Google auctions on the keywords your looking to target. Get in touch for a free no obligation consultation with our Google ads experts for more information.
We charge an initial setup fee which includes all the research, ad copy, graphics if required and the time involved in setting up a campaign for you. After the setup, we charge a percentage of Ad Spend with a minimum retainer. All adwords packages are priced competitively and allow us to use sophisticated technology to save you money by negating click fraud and minimising the hours we need to invest into each campaign. All contracts are month to month, we don’t belive in lock-in contracts.