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Picking a Domain Name, Setting Up Hosting and URL Basics


Getting Started With This Course

Each video in this training comes as its own post with a video detailing each step. Below each video will be the body of the post containing links to resources required to complete the task and explanations to expand on what was recorded in the video.

If you find something hasn’t been explained very well, there is an open comment section at the bottom of the page. All questions will be answered and when appropriate the details will be added to the blog post for future readers.


The Domain Name

Picking the domain name is the first step to building out a website. If you’re a local business owner this part should be simple, your business name, or at least as close to as you can get it. If someone else already has that domain it’s ok to get a variation.

For example, if my business was called Spray On Exposed but that domain was taken, I could go with sprayon-exposed.com.au or sprayonexposed.net.au. Make sure to get the domain for your country though.

  • Australia – .au
  • New Zealand – .co.nz
  • America – .com or .net

When it comes to creating a lead generation website you want to pick something that looks like a real business too. But you can also choose a domain name with SEO value. More on that below.

Godaddy is one of the world’s largest domain registrars and a great place to buy your domain name.

The Hosting

SiteGround is a superb hosting provider that takes the hassle out of setting up your WordPress website. With easy integration into Cloudflare, a built in caching system, one click WordPress installation, great support and a fantastic price, there is no better hosting company for a WordPress beginner.

Key Takeaways

  1. Branding your website with a brand-able domain name makes it easier for your customers to recognise you. Keep this in mind when selecting your domain name, once you start building there is no going back.
  2. Using the SiteGround hosting will give you a fast website which will help with load times, user experience and because of that, SEO.
  3. Picking a domain name that has your main keyword in it will give a good ranking boost in the search engines and get you to the top of page one faster. It’s not necessary, but is preferred.


If you get stuck or unsure about something, first check the comment section at the bottom of the page. If you can’t find anything that helps, ask your question and I will answer it as best I can.

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