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Global Footer and Setting Up Mobile Versions



This video dives into setting up the last two sections on the front page! The first section is another text widget designed to increase conversions and answer questions. As with all content on the website I have written it for the end user, while also keeping on page optimisation in my mind.

The last section is the footer. This holds the contact details, a contact form and the business hours my company operates. To help me create other pages quickly, I made this a global section. That means when ever I add this footer section to another page it is connected. If I make a change, they all change.

The last part about this page is setting up the mobile versions for the sections that have custom CSS. In most cases, the CSS changes wont look good on a mobile or tablet device. Setting up different variations and turning sections off on different devices is an easy way to get around this while still providing all the great content in an aesthetically pleasing manor on all devices.

Key Takeaways

  • Global Sections are all interlinked. If you change anything in a global section on one page, the change will replicate across every instance of that section on your website.
  • The footer should have your contact details, business information and a call to action – in this case a contact form.
  • Create different sections for different devices when using CSS and make sure to check what your website looks like on each device.


If you get stuck or unsure about something, first check the comment section at the bottom of the page. If you can’t find anything that helps, ask your question and I will answer it as best I can.

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