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Service Page, Word Count, nTopic and Tips



In this video I go over everything I done to build out my first service page. From here forward I don’t go deep into the settings used in the Divi drag and drop interface as it has already been covered in detail within the previous videos.

Saving page layouts to the Divi Library is a great way to easily replicate pages on your website. Once a page is copied, all you need to do is change images and text and your page is complete, no designing or rebuilding required.

Treat each service page like you do your home page. These pages will rank in google eventually and you want them to convert just as well as your home page. To do this, you want to add call to actions, contact forms and make sure your phone number is easily accessible. nTopic is a great tool for optimising text but always remember you are writing to your audience, not to a computer.


Key Takeaways

  • Services pages should stay as on topic as possible while answering any service related questions.
  • Just like the homepage, create an above the fold call to action.
  • Save your page layout to the Divi Library then reuse it to your hearts content.
  • Using the global footer module allows you to save time building out your page and makes for easy sitewide changes.
  • Every Keyword or phrase you are targeting with this page should be present in the text, image titles or Alt Tags.
  • Use the main keyword you are targeting in your pages H1.
  • Never copy text from other pages.
  • Use unique images where you can.
  • Add more content than your competition but avoid rambling to extent word count. Try make every sentence count!


If you get stuck or unsure about something, first check the comment section at the bottom of the page. If you can’t find anything that helps, ask your question and I will answer it as best I can.

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