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Everything Important About SEO in 2017

Have you ever noticed that SEO and digital marketing is jam packed, full of people asking vague questions?

  1. How many times do I link from a PBN?
  2. What anchor text do I use?
  3. Does On Page SEO really matter?
  4. What is the best way to interlink on a website?
  5. What is silo structure?
  6. What tools are you using to get results?
  7. How do you add Schema to your website?

There are so many questions that go around and around and around endlessly on social media that its absolutely no surprise that most people are left confused, and repeating nonsense strategies that haven’t worked and never will…….

Over the last few months I’ve been selling services from my Digital Estate Marketplace, while also providing SEO for my agencies clients. Working with lots of projects has given me a great perspective on what other SEO’s and business owners do in their marketing campaigns. What I learn’t come as a huge surprise…..

…… a Huge number of SEO’s (and more obviously, business owners) have obscured ideas when it comes to ranking in Google. Most don’t test, don’t track, and because of this, have no real evidence of what works consistently. Another factor is the never ending drive to find the “Latest and Greatest” versus the “Tested and Proven”. It’s Shiny object syndrome mixed with the neglect of K.I.S.S gone wild!

That’s why I decided to create SEO “Need To Know”. A series of videos that cover everything you NEED to know about ranking, and none of the fluff you don’t. The best part, its absolutely FREE.

All About SEO “Need To Know”

The SEO “Need To Know” series is going to be exactly that. Within 15 training videos, you will learn every piece of SEO knowledge required to rank a website in Google every time.

Lets get something clear right away. This training isn’t for everyone!

  • If you have an agency, you are practising all the basics and ranking any site you like….. this would only be a good reminder of what you done to get there.
  • If you’re not willing to put in effort, and follow guidance….. these videos wont help you.
  • If you don’t take action in life…… the training will not do it for you.

SEO “Need To Know” is a 15 post, 15 video training series that covers ALL the basics and agency or business owner needs to implement. If you follow along with the series, you will see improvements in your rankings. All you need to do, is listen, understand, ask any questions to clear up uncertainties and take action.

The First Video – Basic SEO

In this video, I go over the basics. Getting this out of the way first will give you a good overview of where this series is heading, and what to expect. This ones in PowerPoint, however future videos in this series will be taking you through the actions step by step.

To get in on discussions and get notified on each new series release, join the Digital Estate Facebook Community.

Thanks for watching, see you in the next addition where I’ll cover finding and recording the perfect anchor text ratios.

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