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Our managed paid advertising with Google Adwords means more of the right people on your website fast.

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Google Adwards Management Services


Are you currently finding it difficult to reach your growth and profitability goals through your existing Google Adwords campaign management services?


Is your current Google Adwords agency in NZ struggling to get you the results you deserve from digital and paid per click (PPC) advertising?


Have you always been eager to try Google Adwords, but don’t know where to start?

You can rely on us to set up and run your Google Adwords manager. This includes Adwords PPC advertising on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. We adhere to best practices with your Google ads, and take full advantage of every opportunity to get your brand seen my more users.

Before we dive into our Adwords campaign management, we immerse ourselves in your business and target audience – to ensure we develop the right message that “gets the click” – and create campaigns that deliver on more enquirers and sales, at a reduced advertising budget.

Six Reasons To Work With Us

Less Waste

We are not a “set and forget” Adwords agency. We’re wired to optimize your ads, landing pages and keywords.

We create relevant campaigns that integrate your top performing keywords. That way, you should expect to get higher-quality clicks and conversions. You’ll enjoy an increase in performance once we filter out of unproductive clicks.


Remember that traffic does not automatically mean more sales, rather hyper-targeted traffic equals sales.


Analytics Based Process

Get the benefit of a process built from a complete understanding of your competitors and your industry. As an Adwords agency in Auckland, we give you insight in the winning bids, keywords and landing pages.

We also use advanced tools to track your conversion goals. With the support of closed-loop tracking, we deliver more insights on where your leads are coming from, resulting in faster returns on your spend.


Our conversion tracking also allows you see on a monthly basis your customer acquisition cost, and the customer’s potential lifetime value. This enables you to not only track your marketing spend, but also easily justify any needed increase in your marketing budget vis-a-vis expected revenue.


Transparent Reporting

The lines are never blurred when you work with us. We provide you with a detailed monthly report and the plan for the next month.

We track key data points for:

  • Mobile device types and operating software
  • Customer demographic data, location
  • Traffic sources


We get excited to share this research with you and your team. These help us understand your customers and their needs.
We also give you complete access to the Adwords manager. That way, there are no unwanted mysteries with regards to your Adwords account.


Campaign Creation

Our in-house, full-time Adwords PPC and Google specialists apply white-hat methods to add value to your campaign. Our team will use the right creative messaging for your audience, proper targeting, segmentation and calls to action.

This guarantees you better performance against aggressive competitors. With our Adwords management, we can also create compelling landing pages using copywriting methods that stand the test of time.


We will setup and manage your Adwords campaign while working on lowering the cost per conversion and increasing the click through rate & conversion rate.


Targeted Brand Awareness

We ensure you are visible where and when your customers are online. Through relevant blog posts and other website content, reach your customers at the exact they are actively searching for your products or services. Take advantage of seasonal and peak purchase opportunities.


Our Adwords specialists will create laser targeted PPC campaigns that attract repeat customers who weren’t ready to spend on their first visit to your website. We can re-market around a specific set of keywords (search) or a defined demographic or group (social).

Is Adwords Right For You?

Contact our NZ Adwords agency and find out. We’re ready to start a conversation with
you about your potential with our Google Adwords services.

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Rapid Roofing M

We couldn’t be happier with the service from Digital Estate. Based in Melbourne we were a little hesitant at first to choose a marketing partner who wasn’t in our physical

Dan Ward

We started working with Digital Estate back in 2015 after our previous marketing company performance was low. Scott immediately changed course…

Elise Thomson

I have now used Digital Estate for a number of services on my websites. They have been awesome to deal with and work is always done quickly and to the highest quality!

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