We build your digital marketing campaign around your budget and your goals. Nothing is more important to us than the results we bring to your business and the trust we build along the way.


Problem Solvers

We work out what isn't working and make it work for business owners across New Zealand.


Forward Thinking

Our strategies don’t just find potential leads, they turn the un-educated into educated, increasing your close rates.


Marketing Partner

As a marketing partner we explore all avenues to bring more qualified leads to your business.


All In One Solution

Bring all your online marketing and maintenance into one place including hosting, support, security and SEO.

Local Marketing Agents

Our Team

Scott Bradbury

Web Master, SEO, Founder

Scott is the brains behind Digital Estate and owns multiple online businesses in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. With a passion for data and an eye for patterns, Scott has the knowledge to connect your business with your customers.

Gina Bessie

Graphic Design, PPC Expert

Gina is the expert in graphic design and has a passion for squeezing every last lead out of your paid advertising budgets. She keeps everything looking sharp and ticking along nicely while providing all the monthly reports to keep you well informed.

John Adams

UI Expert

John loves to increase conversions and smooth out any bumps in the journey from lead to client. One of the most profit driven people we know, John is every bit ready to take on your business and increase your future return on investment through increased conversion rates.

A Bit of History

Digital Estate was founded on principles of high standards, ethics, and genuine customer service. Back in 2015 when Scott founded Digital Estate, digital marketing was still in its infancy here in New Zealand. To gain access to a larger market and to polish his abilities in a more competitive market, Scott decided to launch Digital Estate in Melbourne Australia.

 After successfully building a happy client base it was time to bring the company back home to help local Kiwi’s build long lasting companies and support the local economy. Since returning home with a wealth of knowledge and success in much larger markets, Digital Estate has been able to spread its wings helping more  people bring there products and services to the greater NZ population with great success. 

What our customers have to say


“We couldn’t be happier with the service from Digital Estate. Based in Melbourne we were a little hesitant at first to choose a marketing partner who wasn’t in our physical location, however I don’t think Scott has ever taken longer than an hour to reply to our emails and he is always on-time with scheduled calls. The results have been remarkable, we were advised by Scott to do SEO for the long term results, but also Adwords and Facebook remarketing for shorter term returns. This worked very well for us.”

Danielle Lambert

Rapid Roofing

“ The results and work done by the team at Digital Estate have achieved for me and my business more than we could have expected. We actually had to decrease some marketing efforts as the number of leads coming in was more than we could comfortably handle. Even more staggering, this was the advice from Digital Estate! You know you have an honest marketing company when they cut your costs. On top of this, the support and response time from Scott is phenomenal. We truly appreciate everything your are doing and look forward to a long and prosperous future working together. ”

Leo Mann

Electrician Bayside

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