Affordable Websites Designed To Generate More Business… Faster!

Why Pay thousands when you can get the same thing for less?

Cheap Mobile Friendly Website

Take your business to the next level with a website designed, tested and optimised by online marketing experts.

  • Built to rank with less investment in 2017
  • Save money on advertising & Increase visitor conversions
  • Get your business in front of more people in more locations
  • 100% mobile and tablet compatibility and Speed
  • Conversion rate optimised designs for higher buyer rates
  • Integrates perfectly with any future marketing packages

Websites Starting at $1250 Because Everyone Deserves A Great Website

Not everyone needs a $15,000 dollar website. If your just looking for more leads for a few different services you provide then a $1250 site from Digital Estate is perfect for you.

After working with business owners across the country we decided to create a service that allows ANYONE the ability to start working towards a more profitable business through online marketing.

At $1250 your getting a website with all the bells and whistles, all the SEO and CRO knowledge embedded within the design and fully optimised for speed, security, mobile devices and of course Conversions!

The reason we can do this for you at such a great rate is simple, we design the sites following what brings results in stead of how you want it to look….

It’s your site so it should look how you want it to right?

The answer is yes and no…

…. Although we most certainly want to produce a website that you love, we also need to factor in the reason you want a website… More Work, More Results, More Cash Flow…. Right?

Digital Estate works with a lot of companies and specialises in bringing a return on investment for our clients. 

To do this, we split test everything and consistently optimise our strategies with the latest developments generate through the in-house testing.

Because of this, we have an upper hand on producing sites that not only work well, but work brilliantly when promoted.

The biggest problem we face is the cost.

We have the ability to build you a website that is high quality, converts well, ranks well in the search engines and ticks all the boxes required by Google for only $1250.00.

The site has security in place, a blog to showcase your work and all the legal pages. It also has professional graphics, images, content, logos and everything else a website needs in 2017.


…..When we start adding in the ability for our customers to make changes it all goes pear shape. We understand a great looking website is important, and ours are! However we simply would not be able to supply the sites we do, at the price they are if we had to make changes to suit the style you desire. Not only that, in 99% of cases what a business owner wants directly hurts the user experience and or ability to rank. 

All this means you spend more money for less.

A website is an employee to a business that works 24/7 bringing in work and turning customers looking for information, into leads or sales. In other words, the goal of your website is to make you money.

If you want a completely custom built website we can certainly help you out with it. But it wont be for $1250.

Who Is This Service For??

A website in 2017 is more important than it’s ever been. The number of people purchasing products and services without ever leaving the safety of their home has exploded with no chance of slowing in the next couple of years, and estimated to more than double in the next 10.

If your business is just starting out, or you haven’t generate much revenue from your website lately, this service is for you.

Even if you have been making money with your website but want to reach more people, start providing a new service or expand into a new territory, this service is for you.


Why Choose Us

Some older websites still look great today. The issue is, the way your website looks doesn’t matter when your goal is to make more sales or generate more leads.

Google cares about giving its customers (people searching for services) the best results every time so they come back to Google and use the service again. This means your website needs to keep up with the consistent changes Google makes to ensure it’s users are happy.

An example of a change that has happened recently is:

Mobile and Tablet Optimisation

Over 60% of Google users are on a phone or a tablet. Because of this, Google rewards websites that are compatible, and user friendly on these devices. This involves, the speed your website loads, the size of the text & images, if your website is responsive and how the users interact on your website – Do they leave before it loads, do they click on anything?

Every website we build is optimised for Google, User Experience and Conversion rates because a website that is simply designed for looks is a website that is costing you money!


Start Growing Your Business More Effectively

With a Fully Optimised Online Asset